Tuesday, 19 September 2017

johnny catbiscuit

johnny catbiscuit  
he tried to get him but he had super speed so he got a new power he can shot out fire balls  so he fired them .

Friday, 15 September 2017


On Monday  the  Pavilion and room 13 was here so we all had to draw a our own  planet some of the planets were Colourful  planets like mine it is very Colourful  and has a lot of curves  and edges my planet only has good people .

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

johnny catbiscuit

johnny catbiscuit  he had 1 mission he had to  get a tongues   a police he saw him bad place  so he  ran away .to his home

Friday, 8 September 2017


It look like a robot but without a botey and I tile the robot were to go and it can make a shield to block all the rock and arms can throw the rocks
I got into my rocket and I got it  reddey take off the robot slide Then I blasted off into space

I sore some big rocks I went to the moon and got out  of  my rocket I jumped up i went so hi.

Friday, 1 September 2017

Immersion Assembly

today  we went to assemble went we got in we sat down and  we watched the a little show that mr j  and mr Somerivli   saw a UFO then alien  came out then mr j and mr  Somerivil pode out a lightsaber  and they war battling   then mr barte came and team 1 did a movie about flying in a car into space  and went to  the sun and moon and mars  then  bake at pt england there classs miss dem so they  went to class then  mr Barte seid team 2 sing   a space song  about when the teachers in space  it was a riley funny they were next it was taem 3 we watched a little movie about time seasons and planets were feget  about what they  have to do and next it was showing times of their lives next it was about seasons summa whentar orteme string next it was taem 4 it was about  sesen team 5 tooked about a time machine team 5 saing a song .   

Johnny catbiscuit

today I am reading  reading Johnny catbiscuit to the rescue he was traped  Johnny  hat to get out so he got with a bobby pin he ran wean  he was doing his evil plan . so he said see you to night ok in your dreams  I wonder if is series