Friday, 30 June 2017

bmx kid

Jumping of the cliff the boy liked to do  and  he did a massive  boom.     
on A sunny day  the boy aside can I hav  a choe top with all of the string
God did .A powerfully bom it was so strong that it shook  the holle wrode**

god did a powerfully and massive bomb it was so cool because he did a triple ,backflip  off the rocky cliff  and he jumped back, on the cliff It shook the hall world.  He did a side flip into the deep blue sea. It was the biggest, bomb ever and  it was so cool.  It was so big that it splashed nearly ,100

metres I bet know one can go higher than that. He did it  because the bmx kid made ,him angry so he did  a bomb,  and I wish code do that.and he splashed the bmx kid.

Friday, 16 June 2017

kite day

Today we made kites it was so fun we hat to use   paper and straw and  we hat to cate it the  paper then we tape to  straw to the paper then we hat to line up then we flew the kites and mine because I was running  broke so i tide  to the straw.   

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

reading summary part 5

today I read how I alienated my grandma they were eating and michael  did not like grandmas kiss he fort that she alien was because of her kiss so stead away from her