Wednesday, 12 December 2018

pt England art exhibition

Today we walked through  school  and looked at all the different art work  I have 3 that I loved the most the first was the year 7 and 8  they had art of same  different   there was Tongan Samson and a lot of  different  culture  and some hose  made out of a lot of things and in room 14 and 15 had some monkey hanging off the wall it looked so cool the year 6 had some cave art on the wall it looked so cool.     

Saturday, 8 December 2018

action verbs

The Kitten

The Kitten

Rosie wanted a kitten more than anything in the world. For months, she had dreamed of the day that she and her parents would go to the pound and adopt her brand new pet. But Rosie’s mother insisted they waited until Rosie’s birthday, which was two months away. Rosie thought of kittens all day. She hoped hers would have blue eyes, fluffy fur, and a happy purr that Rosie would feel through her shirt when the kitten curled up on her chest.
Walking home from school one day, she passed a neighbour’s house and noticed a big cardboard box on the porch. Curious, she ventured closer and saw her neighbour, Mrs. Spencer, lifting a fluffy kitten from the box! The words “Free Kittens” were written across the side of the box in big, black letters.
Mrs. Spencer saw Rosie eyeing the box and waved to her to come closer. “Your name is Rosie, isn’t it? You live down the block.” Rosie nodded and held her arms out for the kitten Mrs. Spencer was handing to her to hold. It had blue eyes and its fur was as soft as Rosie had dreams it would be.
“Would you like to adopt that kitten?” asked Mrs. Spencer, smiling kindly. Before she knew what she was saying, Rosie blurted out, “Yes!”
“Is it alright with your parents?”
“It’s fine. We’ve been planning to get a kitten for months.” Though it wasn’t the whole truth, Rosie couldn’t help herself. She let Mrs. Spencer put the kitten into a little box, hand her a can of food, and send her on her way.

Friday, 30 November 2018

Cave Art Animation

Hi my name is Tonga. This is my cave art animation. These old paintings were found on an ancient cave wall. They tell the story of what happened. 

Long long ago  there was a saber tooth tiger roaming the jungle.  Two kids came along and were scared.  They decided to try and kill it. The youngest kid was not scared at all. He threw the spear at it, but the spear was not strong enough.   The tiger went             to the other brother who was hiding behind the rock. The brother got out but tripped over the rock and fell down. As he fell he threw the spear at the tiger. The spear hit the tiger in the head. Sadly one brother died from his injuries, but the other one survived and lived to tell the story. 

Thanks for watching. 

Thursday, 18 October 2018

te wa to

Team one was painting a picture  I was wondering what they were drawing  in a separate papers all together it made a lion and that was so cool . Team 2 was doing a patron of them self  and well they were doing a paint off . Team 3 they were painting on ea and making a work of art it was so weird i don’t  no why they were doing it then we started to bed on it . Team 4 they were drawing and painting a picture of Mr Moran the people Miss Sio Mr Wiseman  and Mr Goodwin Miss west Miss parrant Miss Moala all the drawing was so funny but Miss Sio . Team 5 was acting it was so funny they were drawing a picture of thing that they like the funnest woes the dram stick and Mr Burt was Maui .

Friday, 21 September 2018