Friday, 26 July 2019

David attenboroug documentary coastal sea

-90% of marine creatures live in the coastal sea waters because sea floors is in reach of sunlight
-The documentary we watched was filmed in the everglades national park in Florida  USA 
-The lush meadows of the park support the Marin life   
-The giant trevally and stingrays are extremely good hunters
-There is a lot of food for sea  creatures  and for humans in the coastal water
-bottle nose dolphins has a special way of hunting shoals of mullet create a circle around the fish and flick the mud which makes it murky the mullet then gets confused it make them jump up in the air and the dolphins can catch them
-Coral reefs make up 1% of our sea of all the species that live in the ocean
-Coral reefs are missing an important member of the community - sharks
-Shark numbers have been dramatically reduced to over fishing
-Over fishing has reduced the shark population by 90%     

Wednesday, 3 July 2019

Tonga what do I like most about new zealand

    What I like most about new Zealand

I like that we celebrate a lot of culture to make people feel safe, Zealand will include  all kinds of culture and we have the best pies in the world and all they have the worst pies in the word and we have so many kinds of lollies that are mostly sold in Zealand . I like that we are good at most sports like shot put rugby and cricket and netball. Some people have never seen the beach because it was too far away  but in new Zealand we can walk if not you can bus or get a ride to their we don’t  have to judge people because of the culture  or if they are  different and we don't have to be scared of  war between us we can live in peace and companies like  tip top are famous in the new Zealand and pineapple lumps  and we live close to our friends we have lots of park and we can walk on the grass in some places you can't  our kappa haka group can travel the world showing people our  and new Zealand  singers  can sing around the world  like stan walker