Friday, 30 June 2017

bmx kid

Jumping of the cliff the boy liked to do  and  he did a massive  boom.     
on A sunny day  the boy aside can I hav  a choe top with all of the string
God did .A powerfully bom it was so strong that it shook  the holle wrode**

god did a powerfully and massive bomb it was so cool because he did a triple ,backflip  off the rocky cliff  and he jumped back, on the cliff It shook the hall world.  He did a side flip into the deep blue sea. It was the biggest, bomb ever and  it was so cool.  It was so big that it splashed nearly ,100

metres I bet know one can go higher than that. He did it  because the bmx kid made ,him angry so he did  a bomb,  and I wish code do that.and he splashed the bmx kid.

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